Top 3 Reasons why Copper Mugs are Used for Moscow Mule


There is more to cocktails than alcohol. Apart from the lavish presentations, lovely aromas, and unique flavors, cocktails have become staple in many parties and social events. For many, enjoying cocktails with others build camaraderie and further strengthen ties. Cocktails come in many shapes, all of which have their own stories to tell.

One exceptional cocktail is the Moscow mule- a vodka-based drink featuring flavors from ginger and lime juice presented in a copper mug. Despite its name, this cocktail is all American and has been a staple for many bars and clubs for many years.

One unique characteristic of the Moscow mule is the fact that it is commonly served in copper mugs. In terms of presentation, copper mugs have always been the preferred vessel or container of the Moscow Mule. Since this cocktail was first served in the 1940s, bartenders have always presented it in copper mugs as a classy and unique finish.

There are many benefits to placing the Moscow Mule in copper mugs:

  • Temperature

The cold metal copper does an excellent job of insulating cold temperature of any type of liquid.

  • Taste

Copper seems to add more flavor to the added ingredients such as vodka, ginger, and lime.  It is said that copper delivers added fizziness to the cocktail mule when compared alongside being served in a glass or plastic container.

  • Overall Experience

Just like any other cocktail, a Moscow Mule served in copper mugs has already been the gold standard. The first few bars that offered Moscow Mule in Manhattan and Hollywood served them in copper mugs to give that distinctive presentation and to make it stand out amongst their many cocktail offerings.

Copper mugs will always be the best choice when you are planning to prepare Mosow Mule at social events or even just at home. The experience of drinking Moscow Mule in copper Moscow Mule mugs is inarguably one of the charms of this exquisite and delicious alcoholic drink.