The Top 3 Best Routers For Gaming (6)

Everyone needs excellent equipment when they are serious about their gaming experience. From the routers to the gaming system, there are several must-haves in order to guarantee that the focus never shifts from ousting bad guys and teaming up with other gamers to win a competition. Here we look at the 3 best gaming routers.

Usually, we have multiple devices working off of one router, which makes the competition for speed and bandwidth a real threat to the quality of the bandwidth. For the most part, no one can guarantee the speed achieved by a router is the maximum advertised by the manufacturer. It is a problem that plagues everyone.

Radio and antenna may bolster speed. Make sure that the router has Quality of Service setting capabilities as well. It will put in place a pecking order where the gaming traffic receives top priority.

802.11ac is the standard, especially with newer Wave 2 technology. It allows for more radio and antenna input for greater performance power to keep up with competing demands. MU-MIMO has the ports and Beamforming, is present in our first pick.

Netgear Nighthawk X4S is the middle of the road router with a 1.7GHz processor and 128 MB flash memory along with 512 MB RAM and 5 ethernet ports with 1 WAN and 4 LAN. It includes Gigafast and even an on/off switch. It can only be situated horizontally, and not hung on a wall or positioned vertically.

DIR 879 has a lower price and 1 GHz dual core processor with high-powered 1000mW. The AC is advanced SmartBeam with WPS, SLNA server support, and QOS.

D-Link’s AC1900 Exo Router is a slower tier using 3×3 for 2.4GHz speed at 600 Mbps and 5GHz for top speed at 1300M bps. It has 5 LAN ports, and 1 WAN with 4 Gigabit LAN. Antennas are attached sending out at 115 degrees.

Those are the top three choices. Go by budget and need and stick with the most advanced technology you can afford.