Best Practices for Optimal Warehouse Management and Operations


Timeliness is the prevalent theme in shipping operations. Customers might make purchases based on product, but they’ll make repeat purchases based on quality experience with the brand. Top qualities? Amongst others, shipping! If and when packages are delayed, re-routed, late or worst, lack traceability, trust in the brand name goes straight out the window.

In a time where purchases are placed on a screen and items delivered from thin air, the greatest interaction and chance to win consumer faith is in the minimal, prompt, assured time it takes to deliver the product.

So how can you make sure that your docks are running smoothly? That scheduling happens on track and customers are receiving packages on time?

The best answer is dock scheduling software. AppointmentPlus offers online scheduling software that significantly alters operations for the better. Cloud-based scheduling software is available for all types of warehouse management systems and is useful in many steps of your dock management system. To find out more about scheduling software, get in touch with our team, and we can demonstrate all the ways in which it applies to your business.

Although the software is the most efficient way to improve your warehouse management system immediately, there are dozens of tactics that can be used to organize workflow more optimally and keep schedules on target.

Check Out Our Top Warehouse Management Tips:

  • Advanced shipping notification is a must. ASN allows for order efficiency and enough time to accommodate changes or delays in a shipment. ASN keeps employees on track, in the know and one step ahead of the incoming work. ASN ensures that order fulfillment requirements are met on time and executed to perfection.
  • Automation is now affordable and applicable to most industries, warehouse management and shipping included. Run numbers on automation systems against current labor costs. If it relieves your budget, adapt to technology and let a robotic palletizer or automated stretch wrapper help your company. If you currently use automation software, make sure to run current costs against hypothetical labor costs, as well. Always be mindful of making sure that your operating costs are the best for your system.
  • Categorize inventory by value. Top price items should be your most valuable inventory, warranting it the most time and resources. Consider keeping three levels of value to help you prioritize shipments, mistakes, returns and overall needs for change in the system. Every shipment is important but remember, you are running a business. Be mindful of where the money sits.
  • Clean up on aisle five. Cleaning up spills right away is an easy way to reduce injury, mistakes, and re-routing inefficiencies. If you clean up right away, no re-routing will be necessary; nobody will be at risk for injury and no products will be at risk for damage. There should be a consistent and well-identified procedure for cleaning up spills.
  • Commit to not procrastinating. This sounds like a no-brainer, but it is commonly overlooked in the workplace. Find a way to remind yourself, your management and your employees not to procrastinate. Instilling the mindset to “just do it” will keep business so efficient; it’s hard to fathom what the workplace will look like. What’s important is maintaining the philosophy as a priority and sticking with it. When you slip into procrastinating habits, you run into build-up and eventually, it’s a big mess that needs digging out of, costing your time, money and labor.
  • Do not forget about restocking. The restocking process can aid in moving efficiency just as much as the picking process can. Zone areas accordingly to restocking accessibility and make sure that when you re-slot, restocking is accounted for, too.
  • Dock and staging stability. A common oversight in management is straightforward setup. Landing docks and staging areas can be hazardous if they are not adequately aligned, placed and handled. Make sure to include a control that securing dock plates. Make daily inspections a priority and make sure someone or some system is regularly monitoring safety inspection forms.
  • Employ software not just for scheduling and inventory control, but for labor management, too. This will allow you to look at your workforce objectively. You can identify problems and solve them patiently instead of reacting impulsively in the field. Labor management tools will analyze all your moving workforce pieces and help you make the most of all hands and skills on deck.
  • Implement a bin location system. Bins allow you to locate product immediately. When you re-slot, all you have to do is make sure your bin system is reflective of the changes.
  • Invest in an inventory manager. If your operation is still getting off the ground and seems too small to justify the investment, then stay within your means. But if you are growing to a decent size and can afford it, an inventory manager is an excellent way to optimize your warehouse management. Tasking one individual with the importance of this realm will produce more results than spreading the responsibility amongst several, already busy employees.
  • Invest in security. Petty theft might not make a dent in your numbers, but the efficiency of a secure operation will. Without the option to make time for theft or plan and zone accordingly to theft convenience, operations will run according to profit margins only.
  • Keep employees informed of changes, progress and company status. Encouraging transparency will keep information flowing quickly and fluidly, decreasing windows for error or miscommunication. Make change vocal and consistent so that there are no surprises.
  • Keep more than one picking strategy on deck. In the case of plans gone awry, you have an immediate referral to alternative, effective strategies. They will come into play when looking at optimization, too, not just error reform.
  • Light up the space. Seriously, the light will have a positive effect on your overall efficiency and your overall energy use.
  • Look into lean warehouse operations. Where is there waste on the floor or in the operation? Where can it be reduced? Reducing a mess now means avoiding clean-up labor, meaning fewer employee and hours and paychecks. Reducing waste in small ways across the company will dramatically improve the supply chain. It’s the little things that add up!
  • Make real-time data decisions. If you do not already have data software, invest in some. Software allows you to draw on big data insights without analyzing the nitty-gritty details yourself. Once you have the data and the relevant insights, make decisions off of them. This is the only way to implement a consumer response and action initiative effectively. Additionally, this is the reason you have data. Use it!
  • Make returns easy and efficient. Returns should never be a burden to the consumer, and they should never be a burden to your company. Do not let the back and forth trade of product effect the flow of your system or back up a day’s agenda. Make sure to have an organized, possibly automated system in place to handle your returns with the most care and least time. Automation cannot always be relied on for the whole return process. Investment in specialized systems or stand-alone systems to help supplement the automated control you have going. Make the return process a priority. Having a reliable system will keep business running smoothly and take care of any places for error.
  • Make sure that item SKUs link up to the various automated and other tech systems you are running in the company. All software should be SKU-friendly and able to track what is happening with every item. This is will make all of your data more cohesive and ensure that data analysis accounts for moving the product.
  • Manage even where you cannot measure. For example, you might not be able to quote the cost of a displeased customer, but it does not mean that the problem should not be managed. Make a point to address every hiccup in the chain, even when it is not quantifiable. That said, where you can measure, measure well and often. It is essential for your business growth to see when and where busy is steady and when and where it reacts to internal or external elements.
  • Organization is key. This is no brain busting tip, but it leads our list because organization is so important in being able to track shipments and progress, and identifying where mistakes get made. Group shipment categories that share pickup times and similar storage message. You will see greater flexibility for resolving error and making schedule changes when you have a logically organized system.
  • Re-slot whenever it makes sense. Don’t hold back with re-slotting, but do analyze its potential well. If you have high-profit SKUs that are easy to move, re-slot them wherever it makes the most sense. Always be aware of the many moving pieces you having exiting and pair or group them according to the most efficient travel time.
  • Require delivery appointments. It might make you feel like a principal or some other undesirable leader of youth’s past, but it will make your operation lightyears more efficient. Requiring appointments keeps vendors reliable, staff ahead of anticipation and employees methodically staffed. Delivery scheduling is yet another way to keep the field organized. Try assigning carriers’ specific time slots during the day or schedule weekly or monthly deliveries. The latter can especially improve efficiency because it keeps everyone running on a longer, broader routine.
  • Safety! Safety is never to be assumed or overlooked. Safety practices fall in line with education and it is imperative that you schedule time and invest in the resources to educate employees on best practices for safe handling. Hold seminars quarterly, bring in experts, and include signage of demonstrations or reminders. A safe workplace will come with some investment, but it can be maintained affordably, and will reduce unnecessary costs long-term. Safety committees are not overrated. It might sound a bit outdates, but a safety committee comes at no additional charge and it is a significant step toward enforcing safety procedures that enhance the workplace. Emergency response plans are also important aspects of your overall safety. Having efficient exiting options for employees and good will reduce loss and damage in the event of an emergency. Remember to train your staff at least once a year to practice the existing process. If you have not set up a committee by this time, appoint a few leaders to help implement organization for this particular situation.
  • Set loading bays out so that trucks can get loaded right away.
  • Track asset inventory. If the product only moves four or five times a year, consider if you need to be being to store it. Would drop shipping direct from the manufacturer be more cost effective? It is likely.
  • Train often. Training employees consistently is the best way to reduce mistakes, reinvigorate spirits and regenerate the stamina to meet goals. Go beyond training on their daily tasks and educate employees on your Help everyone see business as a whole and understand where their roles are of vital importance. Training increases comradery amongst employees and managers and helps keep everyone on the same page as you move your company forward.
  • Use cycle counting for inventory control. It is worth the additional time investment to increase accuracy and efficiency.

So, the list of tips is rather lengthy. But that’s a good thing! That means there are so many ways to improve your business. You likely already have a handle on many of these optimization techniques for your warehouse management system, we only encourage you to see where you can make more elements of your business better.

When you’re ready to invest in optimization software, please reach out to AppointmentPlus! Our experience in the industry lends us a great advantage over many providers, and we take pride in our ability to set your company up for success.

We look forward to working with you.

Here Are Reasons Why You Should Pick Out Concrete Pavers

Grass growing through cobblestones
  • Concrete pavers are known for high versatility

Concrete pavers are not only limited to be used in residential outdoor spaces, but can be used in commercial spaces too. Apart from being one of the most common paving material for patios, driveways, walkways, and pool decks, the use of concrete pavers can be seen in the creation of paving systems for parking lots, golf course walk paths, roof gardens, and promenades. The interlocking mechanism of concrete pavers is not only highly functional, but they look attractive too. Lastly, the non-skid surface of concrete pavers make them the safest outdoor surface for walkways and patios.

  • Cheap installation and maintenance costs

Concrete pavers are manufactured, thus they are cheaper than stone pavers like cobblestone and granite. They are also a more economical flooring solution in the long term as repairs and upkeep only requires for replacement of one or two blocks at a time. There is no need to replace a whole block of concrete pavers since you can simply detach the stained or damaged units instead.

  • Variety

Concrete pavers are manufactured, thus they come in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and patterns. You can choose to install concrete pavers in their natural dark or light shades, or you may opt concrete pavers with intricate designs and patterns. Ideally, it is best to choose concrete pavers that feature a shade and style that compliments your home’s exterior.

  • Strong and durable

Concrete pavers are stronger and more durable than poured concrete. The manufacturing of these blocks involve pouring liquid concrete into a steel mold using exacting technology and then squeezing them into tight dimensional tolerances to take and maintain shape. Due to the sophisticated series of processes, rest assured that concrete pavers can take years of abused with minimal repair and upkeep.

The Benefits of Using Vaporizers (1)

There is no shortage of For Lauderdale vape shops that sell premium vaporizers made in the US and other parts of the world. Due to the rising number of vapers in Florida, it is not surprising to know that vaporizer use is on the rise as well. With this growing demand, vape shop, smoke shop, and even cigar shops (cigarrette shop) are now building their way to success too, with their massive collection of vaporizers in all forms, shapes, and sizes.

So what makes vaporizers extremely popular these days?

Majority of vaporizers are compact. This means that users can carry them wherever they go. The vaporizer has become a sophisticated and yet portable device that anybody can use just anywhere, and at any time of day. Due to the fast-changing innovations in vaporizers, people can now vape even without batteries or electricity. Vaporizers give that soothing drag that all vapers look and long for.

There are several types of portable vaporizers. There are those that use rechargeable batteries, while some use a simple lighter, and then some prefer butane. People are more likely to opt for vaporizers that run on batteries as they are easier to operate and can be charged just about anywhere, and using different types of energy sources. This flexibility allows users to go about their daily activities without having to worry about running out of power to vaporize their favorite juices.

As we all known the use of vaporizers are definitely a healthier when compared alongside tobacco smoking. This why vaporizers were made after all- so tobacco smokers can make use of a device that will allow them to enjoy the smoking experience without the harmful chemicals, tar, and fumes from tobacco. The best vaporizers employ the latest technologies to deliver products that safely and effectively deliver vapor to users.

Portable vaporizers are also cost effective. Instead of getting hooked on nicotine- which is pretty much very expensive in the long run- users of vaporizers save money as they only need to change parts a few months at a time. Juices are not expensive either, making it a very affordable habit to maintain for many years to come.

How do Personal Injury Cases Work?

Man talking on phone after car accident

Bodily injury as a result of negligence or intentional infliction of emotional or psychological distress can take a toll on a victim and his loved ones. If you are seeking justice for the physical, emotional, and psychological trauma a situation or event you were in, a personal injury lawyer (or a car accident lawyer) will be able to help you in achieving success. You can’t go to a battled alone and without a weapon. Your greatest bullet against your enemy is a law practitioner that specializes in handling personal injury and negligence cases.

The main objective of obtaining the services of a personal injury lawyer is to successfully file a claim and get compensation from the responsible party. Accidents and injuries cost a lot of money. And even if you may be covered by some form of insurance, this is simply not enough to cover for all the pain and suffering that you may have gone through as a result of negligence of a third party.

If you have incurred physical injuries or emotional trauma, compensation in the form of cash will somehow help you rehabilitate and get your life back on track again. You can’t face the responsible party alone. Most often, a third party may have financial resources and power that average people like you may not have. To ensure that you get adequate compensation from a private entity or organization, you need the expertise of a personal injury lawyer to defend your case. Personal injury lawyers specialize in the following cases:

  • work-related accident claims
  • product liability claims
  • holiday-related accidents
  • road-traffic accidents

Personal injury lawyers will represent clients that have incurred injury or disability as a result of developing conditions due to exposure at the workplace:

  • pneumoconiosis
  • silicosis
  • emphysema
  • asbestosis
  • mesothelioma

Most personal injury lawyers operate in a contingency fee basis. This means that if their client successfully wins a compensations claim, he will be receiving a percentage of the money awarded. Consequently, if the personal injury claim fails, the client will have no obligation of paying the lawyer altogether.

What Information Do You Need To Get An Online Car Insurance Quote?


Buying car insurance online is much easier than buying it over the phone or in person. Rather than having to schedule a time when you can meet with an agent, you can purchase insurance any time of the day or night. This makes it easy to shop for insurance whenever you have a little bit of extra time.

If you are planning on getting an online car insurance quote, there is some important information that you need to gather together before you begin. Of course, every car insurance company will require slightly different information. However, by having all of the following information on hand, you will be far less likely to have to stop and search for extra information while filling out the forms.

1. Your vehicle identification number (VIN) and license plate number. Most companies will require you to enter your VIN number so that they can determine what type of vehicle you have and how old it is. In some cases, you may be able to get by just submitting your license plate number. It depends on the insurance company and their requirements. By having both of these numbers available, though, you won’t need to run out to your vehicle and check partway through the process of filling out the form.

2. Driving record information. Make a list of any accidents or auto insurance claims that you have had over the past five years. Most insurance companies will ask for this type of info about your driving record. Additionally, if you have had any DUIs or other driving violations, you will need info on those as well.

3. Bank account information. If you decide to purchase car insurance, you will need to enter your credit card number or bank account information in order to purchase the policy.

Having all of this information readily available can make it far easier to get an online car insurance quote (once you have the quote, you can then do car insurance quote comparison).

Hunting For Three Authentic Italian Recipes

My husband is from Italy and his mom is coming to visit in a couple of weeks. I want to surprise everyone with an authentic Italian meal, yet I have no idea where to start (I do like some recipes from Italian Restaurant Miami near our home). While my family originated in Italy, the reality is that over the years we have become so Americanized that we eat things like spaghetti and meatballs often. I know that this is not the way that they eat in Italy, which is why I have been all over the Internet all day looking for three great recipes I can cook for them.

One thing I noticed when browsing through recipes is the fact that many of them require the use of olive oil (also found out that there are couple of Best Italian Restaurants in Miami). While I buy it usually, I get the cheap kind. Apparently, buying one of the better oils means that your food will taste much better. I guess this means that I will have to go out and get some better quality oil if I want to make the meal authentic. While I am trying to be as genuinely Italian as possible, I hope I find some recipes that are not so complicated I will feel like I failed before I even get started.

Just How Do You Choose The Best Adjustable Handles?


Just how do you choose the best adjustable handles for something? I was wondering about this recently regarding a stroller my kid is now big enough to ride in. I can not stand the grips on it, and so I want to put adjustable handles on it. That decision is made, but what are the best adjustable handles to get? (Is choosing adjustable handles as easy as getting hand knobs?)

Primarily, I am the one using the stroller most of the time, so my first thought is that the best handles would be the ones that fit my hands best. As a stay at home mother, the stroller is used by me more than everyone else combined.

That’s the thing though, as I’m not the only one that uses the stroller. My husband uses it too, and not only are his hands different than mine, he goes jogging with this stroller.

My mother also visits three times a week and takes the kids to the park, including my youngest in this very stroller. Would the wrong adjustable hurt her hands or even endanger my kid?

A lot of this will get solved by the fact that the handles are adjustable. They can change what they need, so I’ll just focus on nonslip grips for comfort and safety (just like the pull handles we have at home).

What Are The Best Carpet Cleaning & Restoration Companies In Your City?


Do you know what the three best carpet cleaning and carpet restoration companies in your area are? If not, it’s time to find out (I found these excellent carpet cleaners from Bridgend). It makes it easier when the carpet cleaning company you hire also provides restoration services as well. That means you can call them to handle a carpet emergency, such as a flood. That happened here at the resort on my floor one time. The carpet was part of the common areas, so it was up to the resort to get the restoration team on the job.

They did, and they likely knew who to call because they deal with things like this all the time for sure. That’s how it goes when you run a resort, but when running a home, hopefully carpet emergencies are rare if they happen at all. Still, there might be a stubborn stain on your carpets, or you have some other carpet issue that you need addressed. One of the three best carpet cleaning and carpet restoration companies can take care of any of those problems for you.

That’s good when you have a company that can do it all. You want them to be able to do it for a good price, too. Plus, you want to make sure they do the best job on your carpeting. When it comes to cleaning carpeting these days, the company needs to be using steam cleaning technology and provide extra protection for preventing future stains. They need the best equipment, and they need to be a professional operation, not some sideshow coming into your home (you may also want to check out Sutton carpet cleaners – Fab Carpet Cleaning).

If they do a good job, it not only helps you get your carpets clean but helps keep them lasting longer. You want fresh carpets, and you don’t want to have to worry about the carpet cleaning company doing their job correctly. Call the company of your choice and schedule the cleaning that your carpets need right now.

Affordable Multiplayer Server For Minecraft (1)

The best part of playing Minecraft is playing with other people. Usually my friends and I look for servers owned by other people to play on, which is fine, but you have to play by their rules. We decided that it would be best to get our own server and make our own rules (I would also like to use my own minecraft server hosting). We put our heads together to determine what would be best to have in our server.

We wanted the server to be accessible by multiple people from anywhere in the world. Having worldwide access would let us play with virtually anyone, but would also open up to the possibility of attacks. DDOS attacks are a common occurrence in servers, so we looked for ones that could guard against a big attack. We also wanted the ability to add mods on the server for specific modes of gameplay.

Taking all of these factors into account, we did some web searches and came across a list of the servers that had these features. The average price for the servers were around $5 for 1GB of space. We put our money together and paid $20 for 20GB of space for the highest rated server being offered on the market.

What You Need To Know About The Ninebot (7)

If you want to save on gas and make traveling easier, you might want to consider a Ninebot. These personal transportation devices are made by Segway and they are smaller, cheaper and easy to transport. Read on to learn more about the Ninebot and why you should consider owning one.

The Ninebot is not a kids toy. It is built for adults, with adults in mind. It isn’t going to blow up or explode on you either. This is a quality machine that is made to give you years of service with little to no maintenance. It can go for about 19 miles on once charge and it is very easy to get on and off of the machine. You aren’t going to be falling off and injuring yourself.

The Ninebot is dustproof and it is also waterproof. It can go up inclines as well. It is equipped with all the safety features you expect, like brake lights and turn signals. It even has a headlight and parking brake. One really cool feature is that you can pair the Ninebot with an app and set the brake through the app. If anyone tries to move or steal your Ninebot it will shake and beep like crazy. You can even control the brightness of the lights with the app.

The Ninebot makes it easy to get around and you won’t have to spend money on gas or parking either. It is an economical and easy way to get around and it is also environmentally friendly. riding a Ninebot is something you can feel good about and you can go long distances on them as well. They are fun to ride and they are great alternatives to motorcycles and bicycles. The Ninebot gives you freedom to travel.