Matching Leather Purse Tones to Skin Tones

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This may not be something you have given serious consideration to, but shouldn’t you match your leather purse to match your skin color? Leather products come in deep dark browns, tans, light or buffed beiges. Some tones are warm and others are cool just like skin tones are.

When you go to a makeup counter to have a consultation a professional makeup artist will consider whether your skin tone is warm or cool before recommending a foundation. This helps the foundation blend in so well that it is hard to tell you are wearing makeup.

With leather purses, you might not need to have an exact match, but ensuring that it accentuates your skin’s beauty it a good idea. You most likely will spend a good deal of money on leather goods. It makes sense that they not only offer you years of dependable use and stylish look but looks that make you appear more beautiful.

For instance, a saddle colored leather purse is a warm colored leather item. It will complement someone with a neutral skin tone. Someone with olive-toned skin would do well with a leather shade that leans more towards a dark purple-black with purple being a cool color.

Warm colors are on the side of the color spectrum where reds, oranges and yellows are. Cool colors are on the color spectrum where blues, greens, and deep pinks are. It can sometimes be hard to use the untrained eye to tell the difference, especially when shopping for leather goods.

Black leather or white leather will, of course, go with just about anyone and anything, but shades of brown or beige can be harder to work with. Ask your leather specialist for help when choosing your next purse, or your next jacket, suitcase, or belt.