Looking At The 3 Sexiest Women In Poker


Women. Sexy Women. Beautiful Women.

There are many women who are world class poker players. With the skills to read people, distract with looks, and the ability to appear sweet while going in for the cold kill, these ladies are bombshells both at and away from the poker player.

Among all the amazing poker online women out there, these three are arguably the sexiest.

Kimberly Lansing
Long dark hair, a brilliant smile, and curvy body she likes to accentuate, there’s not much not to like about young Kimberly Lansing and her early poker success. Throw in her passion for the game and some serious brains (she graduated from USC’s journalism school) and she’s the full package.

Vanessa Rousso
Vanessa is a beautiful busty blonde bombshell who has modeled for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and Maxim, among others. Don’t let her beautiful appearance distract you or you’ll pay for it: she has over $3.5 million in career earnings and counting.

Jennifer Tilly
A longtime professional who won the 2005 women’s world championship, Jennifer is one of the most respected poker players in the world and a beautiful brunette bombshell. Despite appearing in her early 30’s, this mature beauty is nearing her 60th birthday and her play matches her looks: just stunning.