Just How Do You Choose The Best Adjustable Handles?


Just how do you choose the best adjustable handles for something? I was wondering about this recently regarding a stroller my kid is now big enough to ride in. I can not stand the grips on it, and so I want to put adjustable handles on it. That decision is made, but what are the best adjustable handles to get? (Is choosing adjustable handles as easy as gettingĀ hand knobs?)

Primarily, I am the one using the stroller most of the time, so my first thought is that the best handles would be the ones that fit my hands best. As a stay at home mother, the stroller is used by me more than everyone else combined.

That’s the thing though, as I’m not the only one that uses the stroller. My husband uses it too, and not only are his hands different than mine, he goes jogging with this stroller.

My mother also visits three times a week and takes the kids to the park, including my youngest in this very stroller. Would the wrong adjustable hurt her hands or even endanger my kid?

A lot of this will get solved by the fact that the handles are adjustable. They can change what they need, so I’ll just focus on nonslip grips for comfort and safety (just like the pull handles we have at home).