Why Buying Life Insurance Was So Important To Me

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In my younger days of working, I never worried about getting medical insurance or life insurance. To me, it was just extra money I would need to throw away. Since I didn’t see the doctor much and very rarely got sick, I just didn’t see the benefit of getting insurance. It would only cost me more money than it would save me. Over the years, I have been seeing the doctor more for medical care. I have gotten insurance through the company (lifeshieldhq.com) that I work for and the medical insurance has been beneficial to me. When I signed up for the medical coverage I also signed up for life insurance. I think it is the best option for me. I know and realize that I am not going to live forever and need to take care of my family long after I am gone. I want to make sure I am not a burden after my death and cause them to pay more for creditors and also my funeral. This is why I chose to get life insurance and the money I pay into it is minimal compared to what I will save my family.