Affordable Multiplayer Server For Minecraft (1)

The best part of playing Minecraft is playing with other people. Usually my friends and I look for servers owned by other people to play on, which is fine, but you have to play by their rules. We decided that it would be best to get our own server and make our own rules (I would also like to use my own minecraft server hosting). We put our heads together to determine what would be best to have in our server.

We wanted the server to be accessible by multiple people from anywhere in the world. Having worldwide access would let us play with virtually anyone, but would also open up to the possibility of attacks. DDOS attacks are a common occurrence in servers, so we looked for ones that could guard against a big attack. We also wanted the ability to add mods on the server for specific modes of gameplay.

Taking all of these factors into account, we did some web searches and came across a list of the servers that had these features. The average price for the servers were around $5 for 1GB of space. We put our money together and paid $20 for 20GB of space for the highest rated server being offered on the market.